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Antigravity Lithium Ion Motorsport Batteries



New Lithium Ion lightweight batteries manufactured by Antigravity. Antigravity Batteries offers the lightest, most powerful and technologically advanced Lithium-Ion motorsports batteries available. Save 70% in weight over Lead/Acid Batteries, while gaining better starting and handling performance.

Full description

Antigravity's new restart (RS) batteries are the FIRST ever with built-in jump starting. Popular options include:

  • ATX-12-HD RE-START - 480CA, 1.36kg
  • ATX-20-HD - 900 CA, 2.3kg
  • H5/Group-47 RE-START with wireless jump starting  - 1200CA, 6.8kg
Pricing from £259.99+VAT
For full listings please see link to our online shop:
Antigravity lightweight Lithium Ion motorsport batteries - MacG Racing Ltd

Chargers and accessories also available. 

Please note that to avoid damage to your Lithium Ion battery, a Lithium Ion compatible charger must be used.

Please contact us with your requirements:
Dan Fouracres
T: 01332 691061


MacG Racing Ltd

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