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1993 MEV Replicar DBR1 Homage

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Inspired by Aston Martin's 1950s racers, the MEV Replicar is a well-engineered GRP kit-car with a bespoke chassis mounted on an MX5 'power plant frame'.

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To be offered by Classic Car Auctions Summer Sale taking place at the Warwickshire Event Centre on June 17th. 

Guide Price: £20,000 - £25,000

  • The Replicar project was recently acquired from MEV by experienced kit car builder, Andy Carwithen, of ANC Sportscars. www.ancsportscars
  • The donor car is an MX5 which is stripped of all bodywork to leave the 'Power Plant Frame' which houses the Mazda’s running gear in its entirety
  • The bespoke MEV tubular chassis/frame is then placed on top of the PPF and bolted securely into position to regain the rigidity once provided by the donor’s bodywork
  • Brake and fuel lines are then run and the front/rear bulkheads etc. panelled out with the aluminium sheeting. Parts retained from the original donor such as the steering column, pedal box, radiator, wiring loom, fuel tank etc. are then fixed in place 
  • The lightweight GRP body and other panels such as doors, bonnet and bootlid are then fitted before interior trim, seats, lights etc. are added
  • The 1,840cc Mazda power unit in this car remains in standard 144bhp form but these engines are readily tuneable to over 200bhp
  • Although never intended to be an exact replica of Aston's DBR1, this well built Replicar, finished in BRG with its yellow nose band and white roundel, certainly looks the part
  • Completed and first registered in 2014, it's been lightly used since and is on offer from a private Collection


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